Friday, 25 November 2016

Our True Colours

Some say that all life forms have an aura, or energy field, surrounding them. This is what gives a living thing its vitality. A little-known fact is that this was once the subject of a rigorous scientific study.

A Russian husband and wife team named Kirlian in the 1950s photographed a strange luminescence radiating from living things, invisible to the naked eye. They photographed plant leaves and visualised bright energy flares radiating from healthy plants, but dramatically diminished in a diseased plant. Importantly, both plants appeared outwardly normal at the time of the photographs.

When the process was developed further, different colours were recorded, as were smaller flares emanating from specific areas of the leaves. These were distorted if the leaf was damaged and gradually diminished if allowed to die. This natural electrical charge was named 'bioplasma.'

Image result for KIrlian photography leaf
Bioplasma was also pictured in the human body, concentrated at several focal points. These points, it was noted, matched Chinese acupuncture points. Bioplasma was also very sensitive to magnetic fields. Intriguingly,  magnets  have become very popular in recent years with those following traditional healing programmes. They supposedly address diverse health issues.

Bioplasma is not contained within the body: it erupts into and interacts with the surrounding environment. It is interesting to note that people who are more psychically sensitive – able to perceive human emotions and spiritual and supernatural states – are often very prone to electric shocks, when touching car doors for example. Perhaps their energy field is naturally heightened, or the barrier between them and the rest of world is reduced, so they readily attract auric bioplasma and static electricity.

Although not visible to the naked eye, it is apparent that a lot of people do have an awareness of the aura's presence. We often have a gut feeling that something is wrong with someone we know well.The  discovery of the different colours in bioplasma seems particularly important regarding this point. Consider the words we use to describe general well-being: bright, dull and off-colour. A strange selection, until you recall that the Kirlians proved that the aura is the main gauge of health.
Many visionaries, to whom auras are clearly visible, claim that everyone's aura has different colours. When we know someone well, 'we see their true colours.'

Despite strong scientific evidence for the existence of bioplasma, the Kirlians' work went no further. A few fringe scientists tried to continue their research, but it was rapidly dismissed as 'quack' science and its supporters ridiculed. It is just left to a few psychics to understand what our life-force is truly about.

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