Published June 2018
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The dreams of some create the realities of others. Some of those dreams are laced with hope; others with poison.
Centuries ago, two women used the powers of their family talisman, an ancient crystal skull, to protect their loved ones in a bloody war. But its gifts had a price, and their ghosts linger in the ruins of their family home, waiting for atonement to be made. When their descendant Jemima discovers the skull, she becomes increasingly manipulated into a web of dreams and nightmares. Her ancestors are fighting to free themselves from their curse, and watching them all, the skull is waiting to claim its due.

Praise for Dreamweaver
Overall, I thought this was a fantastic interweaving of history and myth, magic and science, reality and fantasy. The title plays well into the story, since the story becomes more and more dreamlike, until the main character can hardly differentiate between her waking dreams and reality. But at the same time, the story takes the reader on a solid narrative path that ends almost literally with a bang.
I hope you enjoy reading Dreamweaver as much as I did. I’d definitely recommend it to fans of history, Celtic legends, and fantasy.

Alison McBain, editor, Bewildering Stories e-zine. 

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